1. Welcome to Magento and eValent's Magento package

Magento is the world's largest ecommerce platform, made to suit all kinds of online shops. With eValent's Magento package, you as e-retailer can get access to many functions that would otherwise not be available in the standard solution. The packages offer a full responsive system as well as several of the most requested features.

Magento offers extreme flexibility and adaptability where you as a customer can personalize your shop as you wish, and we will of course be more than glad to help.

Thank you for choosing eValent as your provider!

All configurations and changes are executed in the Magento admin panel.

You reach your admin inlog via a url such as You log on with a user name and password. You can easily modify this at a later time, as well as post multiple users. You can also add users with varying degrees of access, and who can work on different parts of the admin panel.

When login has been made in the admin panel, you will come to the store's dashboard where recent orders, searches and statistics are presented.


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