2. Manage categories

2. To get to the categories in the store admin, go to the root menu through catalog and then on to Manage Categories.

Catalog > Manage Categories

2.1 Add new main category

To the left is the existing category tree in the order which the categories can also be seen in the frontend. When a category is marked with faint pink color, it is selected properly.

To add a new category in the root menu, click on Add subcategory, since Default Category is a main category.

What you need to fill in on the new category is marked with a red star: name, is active (Yes / No) and Include in Navigation Menu (Yes / No).

Choose a suitable name for your category. Select YES to the Is Active to activate the category directly, select NO if for example you want to work on it before it is activated. Also, select YES or NO to Include in Navigation Menu. If you select YES, this category will appear in the menu on the frontend, if NO, it will not. Choose a suitable name for your category.

You can also write a description for your category in the dedicated field.

Once you have filled in the required fields, then save your changes by clicking Save category in the upper right corner.

The new category will then appear in the category tree where you can move it to the desired location.


2.2 Add subcategories

To create a subcategory for a category, you first select the category you want it to be attached to. Then click Add subcategory. Repeat the process of renaming the category and activate it as you wish. Finish with Save category.


2.3 Add products in category

From Catalog you can also collect products directly in to the category. You do this by selecting the Category Products in the tabs right above.


Select Any in the dropdown menu on the left and click Search to get an overview of all products. To select the products you are looking for, search either by name or item number. To save the selected product into the category, tick it in the box to the left. Then select Yes in the small dropdown just above and click Search to save the particular product. Repeat for each product you want to save in this category.

Once you have selected the products you want in the category, click Save category to save the entire category.


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