5. Manage price rules/marketing

5. Manage price rules/marketing

In Magento, there are two types of price rules to use: Price rules for catalog and price rules for cart.
Promotions> Catalog price rules/ Shopping cart price rules

Price rules catalog: Provides discounts on selected categories. Often used in sale, or deals with a fixed discount rate on an entire category. Discount prices will appear on the products in the store. Do not forget to click the Apply rules when you have completed this rule.

Price Rules Shopping Cart: Gives discount when the items in the cart fulfil predetermined requirements. Ex "Buy for 500 SEK, get a 100 SEK discount", "Buy 3, Pay for 2". The price will be discounted in the shopping cart, either automatically when the requirements of the rule are met or when a coupon code is used in the cart by the customer. Below you can see a cart with a cart rule "Shop for 1000SEKget 10% off".

Rule information: Here you enter the name of the rule, for which customer groups it will apply, which dates it will apply from and to, which priority the rule is (the lower the number the higher the priority). If you create a shopping cart rule, select here if the rule should have a coupon code, and how many times it will apply and how many times per customer it can be used.

Conditions: Here you can choose the circumstances under which the rule should apply. Choose the categories or products which the rule includes. Or combine conditions, for example if a customer must buy for a certain amount in a certain category for the discount to apply. Below are the conditions for a rule that will give a 10% discount when the customer buys more than 1000 SEK. The discount can also be combined with, for example, a particular category. That is, the customer only gets the discount if a purchase is made for SEK 1000 or more within a particular category.

Action: Choose if the discount is a fixed sum or a percentage (if the rule gives 50%, write it as 50.0), numer of percentage / number of SEK, if the rule should apply to subcategories to the category you have selected (if you have chosen any) and if it will "overwrite" other rules that are active or not.

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