6. Manage CMS-pages and Static blocks

6.    Manage CMS-pages and Static blocks

6.1 CMS-pages

CMS-pages are the pages that are not categories or products, but information pages such as Legal, Terms, Support, About Us, etc.

CMS > Pages

You can easily manage these pages using the WYSIWYG editor so that you don't have to type in HTML. In order for CMS pages to appear, they usually have to link from a static block such as the footer.

Fill in the desired information and activate the page. Then click Save page to the right.

6.2 Static blocks

You might say that a static block is a block of text and / or image which may be obtained, for example, on a CMS page, or as a description of a product category. You can change the text on both static blocks and on an actual CMS side, the difference is that a CMS page is an actual page which you can navigate into via url; for example, Sale Conditions.

A common use of static blocks is for instance a footer or a pre-footer, or fixed text/banner pieces on the webshops edges.

CMS > Static blocks


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