7. Order and orderstatus

7.    Order and orderstatus

You'll find all orders under Sales> Orders. In this view, you can either filter your orders or search for a specific order with the customer's name, order number, order date, etc. You also see in this view how much the customer has purchased for and what status the order has.


If you then go into a specific order, you can see more information about both the customer and order. Here you can see the exact time of when it was placed, all addresses and other contact information, items bought by the customers and for which amount (you can see this even if the customer purchased at a discounted price or using a discount voucher).

To the left you will also see tabs such as Invoice, Credit Memos, Deliveries, Comments History and Transactions.

Once an order is completed, there will be an invoice in the Invoices tab. If a customer sends back goods and a credit memo needs to be created, you can do this in Credit memos. In the tab deliveries you see completed deliveries and under Comments History you see the order statuses during the process.

Order statuses

During the process, an order will have different statuses that signal what part of the process they are in. Statuses can be a little different depending on the WMS system (if you use it) and what / which payment method you use. Below will be a review of the most common:

Processing- The first status an order has in the system before a payment is processed.

Payment done/Klarna accepted – Payment has been successful

Exported to WMS – The order has been exported to the WMS-system.

Packing – The order has been processed at the warehouse

Complete – The order is packed and ready at the warehouse; this status generates an email from Klarna with the invoice if this service is used.





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