11. Change logo, font and color

11. Change logo, font and color

11.1 Change logo

To change the logo in the shop, go to the CMS> Media Manager. Here you go into the folder logos and then add your own logo and save it as logo.png. Then remove the example logos and let only your own logo remain in this folder, and it will be replace the previous in the shop.

11.2 Change fav-icon

To change the favicon, go to System → Configuration → General and then 'Design'.

Under 'HTML Head' can you change the favicon. Select file and once you have selected your file, press the button 'Save Config'.

11.3 Change color and fonts

To change colors and fonts, go to the last tab to the right of the Magento Admin, System. Here you select the very last option in the drop down menu: Configuration.

To the left in the menu tabs you will find a menu named Theme Settings (Ultimo). Click here on Theme Design.

After clicking this tab, you will see the following choices:

By clicking the different tabs, you can edit the different parts to personalize your store.

For example, this is the editor for Color.

To change fonts, go to the tab Font, which is located under the tab Color.


11. 4 Change color of shopping cart

To change the color of your cart, click System in the menu bar, then click configuration.

Scroll down to the box labeled Theme settings (Ultimo) and click on Theme Design.  

Then scroll to Minicart, and here you can choose the color you want for your cart.


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