4. Manage attribute

An attribute is defined as a characteristic of a product. Examples would be the color, size or country of production. A configurable product need attributes to be created (the simple products linked to the configurable product must have different properties, eg different sizes, to be linkable in the configurable product and create a choice for the customer). Attribute is a good way to organize and control the properties of the products. New attributes can be added as desired.

Catalog > Attribute> Manage Attribute

To create a new attribute, click on Add new attribute in the upper right corner

In the first tab named Properties you choose how the attribute should appear in the webshop. For example, if there is to be a unique value, if all products must have this attribute, if this attribute is a global value (if it should be on all frontends in online shops), if one should be able to sort based on this attribute in frontend in a webshop and so on.

Attribute code: As indicated it is an internal code that is not visible externally but will be unique and with no spaces or å, ä, ö in the name.

Scope: This is depending on whether you have several different languages or different store views, but the most common is to put it to Store View, which applies to your Swedish store.

Catalog Input Type for store owner: If you want an attribute with multiple selections of predetermined options, a drop-down menu is the best option. If you want to assign a product multiple attribute options, such as a black and purple t-shirt, it is better to create a new option called Black / Purple.

Unique value: If you set it to Yes, the attribute options are only awarded to one product, which can be useful for eg item number. But if the attribute is an attribute such as color, you want it to be available for all products, and therefore you tick No.

Values required: If you want a value to be needed to save the product (indicated on the Manage product in the admin with a star after the attribute name).

Apply To *: Determines which types of products you should be able to apply the attribute on. If you will use the attribute as a navigation aid, you choose Simple product.

Use in Quick Search: If the attribute is to be used in the results from the search function at the top of the page.

Use in Advanced search: If the attribute is to be used as a filter in advanced search.

Comparable on Frontend: If the attribute is displayed in the table to compare products.

Use in stock-based navigation: This function will add 'color' as a filter for navigation. Set to filterable (with results) and only attribute options with hits in the category you navigated to is shown. Set to filterable (without result) to see the entire available attribute options.

Use in Search Results Layered Navigation: If the filter attribute should be included in the left column on a search results page.

Use for Promo Rule Condition: If you make a coupon for the store, it can for example be specified to only apply to any garment with attribute options Purple. In this example it is a a very broad definition and therefore set to No.

Position: If you have several attributes used for filtering, you can specify the position in the list in the left column, where the number 1 indicates the location at the top.

Visible on Product View Page on Frontend: At the bottom of each product page there is a list of tabs with product description on the first one. Attributes which have this option set to Yes will show up in a tab called more information.

Used in Product Listing: If the attribute is to appear in the product listing. Is generally not possible because the product listing is designed to take up minimum space.

Used for Sorting in Product Listing: By default, the attributes Product Name, Price and Location are in a drop-down menu in the catalog pages in order to specify which parameter the products are to be sorted according to.


Next tab is Manage label/options.

In the box Admin, add what the attribute should be called on the frontend. You then click Save Attribute to add the attribute's choices. If you have added an attribute of color, add the various color choices, eg Red, Purple, Pink, Green, etc. If you want them to be sorted in a particular order, fill in the order in the boxes Position.

4.1 Manage attribute set

In order for the newly created attribute to appear on the product page, you must activate it. You do this by going to:

Catalog> Attributes> Manage attribute sets
Go to Default

You will now see all the attributes that are assigned products, and which tab they can be found on in the products. The new attribute you created will now be on the right under Unassigned attributes. You now need to move the new attribute to the desired location and click Save attribute Set up to the right.

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